About Us

Established June 2021

Australia’s premier Signature Plates platform. 

Signature Plates Australia was founded in June 2021 following a long love affair with the Signature Plates range after their Victorian launch in 2007.

We are passionate about Signature Plates and over the years we have secured a collection of premium Signature Plates across all subsets of the range and across multiple states. 

In 2010 we secured the rights of ownership of one Australia’s most prestigious Signature Plates (Vic) V. Owning a Signature Plate of this calibre comes with a responsibility to the number plate community. It has a profound history and must be held with respect in the way it reflects the Signature Plate range. 

We carry the rights of this ownership, and what it represents, with dignity and integrity, and that has set the foundations of this platform. 

We are genuine about providing a transparent service to our clients using our extensive knowledge of the history of the market and actual sales data to inform every transaction. 

We look forward to working with you all on what is proving to be an exciting emerging asset class.