The strongest 2 characters in number plates?

Ok team – it’s not often we are gifted with the opportunity to present a plate of this calibre to you. With A and 8 at the absolute top of their game in number plates, when combined we have one of the best Signature Plates within the 520-combination LN/NL range.

Single letter A sold for $110K in 2010, and the number 8 is universally known to bring luck and fortune, and decades of number plate sales data highlights the enormous value that number 8 adds to number plates – particularly those that are lucky enough to present it. It’s a number plate that will stroke the biggest egos, turn the most important heads and raise bank balances in the future. Because of the strength of these characters, it demands the centre stage, and we’re so honoured to provide the platform for this historical event.

If you are hungry to make one of the most ELITE statements in your life, then this is for you – isn’t it?

Comparable/Notable Signature Plate sales:
– S (Vic) $720K 2023
– Q (Vic) $640K 2022
– Vic FF $200K (2024)
– Vic GG $210-270K (2023)
– Vic SS $195K (2022)
– Vic HH $130K (2024)

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2 Characters
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