Ok team – got a beauty for you.

Preserved in pristine condition for 17 years, this ELITE original two letter Signature Plate is ready to go for the first time since its’ release in 2007.

Fit for a Honda NSX, a Nissan 200SX or if you like to consider yourself a SEX icon, this 1-of-650 plate is as versatile as it is cheeky, appealing, rare, exclusive, valuable and special. Looking at this plate makes you want to add the word bomb on the end of it while you’re listening to Tom Jones, and thinking about JDM cars from the Fast and the Furious – it also makes you think about the raw potential it has to make you some serious hard earned in the months and years to come.

The growth that this plate has demonstrated since 2007 makes it an incredible investment asset, far superior to your standard investment classes in the same period.

Buying a 2 letter Signature Plate is a privelage, with only 650 released by VicRoads, many investors are currently holding more than one, so it’s not often you get the opportunity to purchase one – and one as good as this.

Recent/Notable/Comparable Sales:
– JB $50K (May 2024)
– ** $60K (May 2024 – combination to be revealed in time)
– FF $200K (March 2024)
– HH $130K (Jan 2024)

1 of 650
2 Characters
Plate Colour
Character Colour
Value Assessment
Excellent Value

Our Value Assessment is based on a number of factors including the Seller’s Reserve Price, Strength of Characters and Growth Potential.

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