Victoria’s Single Letter has graced us with it’s presence.

Released in 2010 by VicRoads, 3 years after the initial 2 and 3 character Signature Plate release, 24 single letters were auctioned off consecutively in one night.

“A” was the highest selling single letter plate at $110K, followed by “X” at $100K. “V” sold for $80K.

Interestingly, the letters were all auctioned via the standard alphabet sequence, except for V and X, which were positioned after Z as second last and last, respectively. That indicated to the population that V and X were treated differently in the eyes of the government and population. Fast forward 14 years to 2024, and A, X and V are among the strongest performing letters in Signature Plates, and number plates more broadly.

Single letter V has featured on a 2016 VW Golf R and a 2020 Mercedes Benz AMG C43.

Some exciting characteristics of this plate include:
– V being the letter of “Victoria” state, arguably the largest number plate market in the country;
– V is the Roman numeral for 5;
– V is perfectly symmetrical; and
– V is elegant and stylish

According to AFL legend and All-Australian Josh Gibson, “V is probably going to be the most iconic number plate that you’re going to see in Victoria…the leader of the pack”. In 2017, Josh retired from AFL after winning 3 x AFL premierships and 2 x Hawthorn Best-and-Fairest awards. Shortly after retiring from Aussie rules Football, VicRoads gifted the “V series” Signature Plate V-06 as recognition of his achievements in his iconic AFL career and for promoting their Vplates number plate ranges.

Previous Victorian single letter Signature Plate sales have seen prices up to $720K recorded in 2023, “Q” sell for $640K in 2022 and “T” sell for $510K in 2021, all of which indicate a fast growing market, both in terms of popularity and pricing.

More recently, the market has seen a steady baseline with pricing around double repeating two characters, with Signature Plates Australia having sold Vic “FF” at $200K in 2024, and Vic “GG” for $210K in 2023. These results have broken records in the number plate scene in Australia, which in combination with the sale of number 1 in NSW earlier this year at over $12M, it reflects the vast appetite that passionate Australian enthusiasts have for ELITE number plates, and particularly those that break records.

New plates will be issued for the new buyer upon request.

Signature Plates Australia wishes you luck in bidding on this iconic piece of Victorian and Australian history.

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