VIC V2 – V (part 2)

OK Team – it was just 12 months ago where single letter V passed in at $650K at auction during an exciting campaign, but perhaps a time where the Signature Plate market was starting to experience the impacts of the wider economic uncertainty, including the many consecutive interest rate rises.

Fast forward to April 2024 and we have seen some very strong sales across all markets, but in particular, the single letter and 2 character signature plate markets – including single letter S selling for $720K, GG selling for up to $270K in 2023, and FF selling for $200K just days ago.

This plate is special for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s in the original LN format, which means something for V series because it resembles the mighty Q (heritage) plates in Queensland and that is relevant here because Victoria nearly released the “V series” in 2007, which was said to have stopped due to the backlash from Vic heritage investors – and we can see why! Nevertheless, the “V series” label took off in Victoria and it presents as one of the more premium letters in the Victorian market – Australia’s biggest number plate market.

With only 20 plates in the 2 character “V series” LN/NL range, there are only 10 with the V first, and this plate marks the second in line after the mighty V1. V is also number 5 in roman numerals, which many number plate enthusiasts appreciate, so that would make this plate number “52”, which is the number of weeks in a year, giving this plate a nicely rounded “annual cycle”, making it appropriate all year round.

Recent/Comparable/Notable Sales:
– Vic FF $200K (2024)
– Vic GG $210-270K (2023)
– Vic SS $195K (2022)
– Vic HH $130K (2024)

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