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The "Holy Grail" of elite standard classification. According to the Oxford and Marriam-Webster dictionaries, A1 is defined as having the highest possible classification; equipped to the highest standard; first class. With Signature Plates on the rise around the country, and with Victoria leading the way in recent years, the market has been pleading for a plate of this calibre to grace us with it's presence. A1 is the at the top of the food chain. In the UK, A1 is the ultimate plate. A1 is what you use to describe the best of the best, number 1, the elite, the best. Due to it's unrivalled potential and meaning, this plate is destined for the worthy candidate who will take this plate to the next level. Someone who will truly relate to Oxford's elegant articulation of this history-making art piece. Are you A1? Comparable/Notable Signature Plate sales: - S (Vic) $720K 2023 - Q (Vic) $640K 2022 - GG (Vic) $210-270K 2023 - FF (Vic) $200K 2024 - UU (Vic) $159K 2023 - HH (Vic) $130K 2024
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