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OK team - the mighty two letter Signature Plate range has brought enormous excitement in the number plate scene in recent years, taking Victoria by storm, which is the premier number plate market in the country. The movement in Victoria has now transcended it's way through Queensland, NSW, Tasmania, ACT and now more recently in SA. The demand for 2 character plates is on the rise and that is characterised by exponential growth, given the rarity and exclusivity of this number plate subset. As for this plate, it boasts two of the strongest performing letters in Signature Plates and number plates more broadly. In 2010, Victorian Single Letters were released to the public for the first time and A and X were the most expensive. With prices ranging from $46K all the way up to $110K for all the 24 released letters, A sold for $110K and X sold for $100K, making them the only two plates selling in the 6 figures, 14 years ago. Since then, we have seen the A and X series grow in popularity following the infamous sell-out in Aug-Sep 2022, when both of these ranges sold out in two weekends spanning a couple of months. When combined, we have a letter combination that links to the Armani Exchange fashion brand, but then is quickly toughened up when you sound out the word "axe", and this is unique because it's a plate that offers style, strength, utility and value. Does this sound like something you need? Recent, comparable and notable sales include: - FF $200K (2024) - GG $210-270K (2023) - UU $159K (2023) - HH $130K (2024)
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