On your marks, get set.... Ok team - if you want another reason to be excited in 2024, here it is! Arguably the most appropriate number plate for a car, is on offer for the first time since being purchased at release, 17 years ago. Being the 19th Signature Plate to sell back in 2007, "GO" has since featured on a beautiful Ford GT40 and Mustang and has turned heads everywhere it goes. Whilst the word "GO" is widely known and recognisable in the car scene, the letters G and O are among the most popular letters in numbers plates for many reasons. G is commonly linked to the G series AMG, Gucci, gangster, religious references and often a letter that is involved with record-breaking sales. The letter O is often used as a number zero replica, but also is a neutral character that pairs well in any combination. In addition to these strong characteristics, this plate belongs to a range of 650 rare Signature Plates that now belong to the private market, and for the most part, they don't exchange hands often. Due to the high profile nature of the owner of this plate, an agreement has been made which grants Signature Plates Australia exclusive rights to sell this plate until sold. Our valuation places this plate in the 6 figures. Notable/Comparable Sales: - GG $210K, $250K, $270K (2023) - SS $195K (2022) - UU $159K (2023) - HH $130K (2024) - 0G Undisclosed - contact for more info (2023) - GG-0 $24,200 (2023)
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