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VIC LL - Lamborghini (Mercy) Ok team - a monumental listing for us at Signature Plates Australia, and for the entire Signature Plate Market. With FF selling for $200K via our March auction period, just two months later we are gifted with the opportunity to settle the Ferrari VS Lamborghini debate once and for all. Plenty of double repeating LL results in the last 18 months in Victoria means there is a lot to be excited about with this plate, and we're so ready for this. Vic L being listed for over $1M many years ago demonstrates how significant this plate range is to long term investors, and in particular how significant the letter L is in the sports and luxury car world - with ties to the iconic Lamborghini supercar. Double repeating plates like this have shown results between $130K for HH and all the way up to $270K for GG and there are various factors that contribute to pricing, including market conditions and the strength in plate characteristics. From a market perspective, there has been unprecedented activity in 2024 already, which gives investors the confidence to capitalise on opportunities like this, because the long term growth trajectory is life changing. We're honored to be able to present you this opportunity on behalf of a very worthy and capable seller. Recent/Comparable/Notable Sales: - Vic FF $200K (2024) - Vic GG $210-270K (2023) - Vic SS $195K (2022) - Vic UU $159K (2023) - Vic HH $130K (2024)
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