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Ok folks - a very premium double repeating LNN with the second lowest number, making this highly desirable for many reasons. Firstly, 22 means it can represent a special occasion in 2022, or links to a car purchased/made that year so it’s highly versatile. It also has a popular initial that is bound to suit a Nick, Nathan, Nat or Nelly - and they might even have the birthday of 22 to match. Another meaning for those that are interested is, N can be perceived to say “number” so in this case “Number 22”, just like the 1991 Lambo Diablo we posted recently with the plates NO9. These different angles mean it’s a bigger target market that we are attracting, much broader than those who are looking for elite double repeating plates. That means there is a higher chance of selling it quickly and at the price you want, and that is smart number plate investing. Excellent.
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