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Ok team - premium V series, arguably the strongest performing letter when it comes to the mighty LNN/NNL range. With only 5,200 plates in this range, it makes it rarer than 4 digit heritage, and with less characters. Also, the V series plates have produced some of the strongest sales prices for years now, with V62 selling for $15K in 2023 in similar economic times, and V09 trading hands this month for an undisclosed price, but it’s up there with the stronger 3 character plate sales in Signature Plate history. More about this plate though, some number plate enthusiasts appreciate the letter first and numbers sequentially descending as it appears to be a countdown to number 1, and that adds some urgency when you read it. Those characteristics aside, it’s an elite 3 character V series, representing the state’s letter proudly and the Roman numeral for 5, making this number 554. Excellent.
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3 Characters
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