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OK team - the MIGHTY XY Signature Plate is on offer, with the sellers giving us the green light to promote this special investment asset. Sold by VicRoads in 2011 for $15.5K, this premium 2 character Signature Plate sold for almost 400% of an original 2 character Signature Plate 13 years ago. Since then, the seller has rejected offers up to $69K in 2023. Brand new in the box, with original keyring that says "XY" and not a production number, and the original case and certificate are some of the finer things to appreciate about this modern classic. More recently, CP and JB sold in May for $60K and $50K respectively, via our platform, which speaks volumes about the 1-of-650 combination subset of the number plate market. Priced at a very reasonable $89K, this is a plate for those who want to make a statement, as big as the mighty Ford XY GT which has taken the collectible car scene to whole new level worldwide - with some results exceeding 7 figures. Incredible stuff. If that's not enough, XY represents the "male" chromosomes, so if you're an alpha male that can relate with the status of the mighty Ford GT, or you're a savvy investor that can see the growth potential in this special plate, then this is for you. Very exciting.
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2 Characters
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